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Or has someone casually said your dog was "aggressive" or "reactive"? Could you both use a little more confidence out on walks? You're not alone. Expecting our dogs to be relaxed in an urban environment is a big ask and we're here to help! You're here because you're ready to go from chaos to calm.


Embark on a unique journey with your dog, where every step becomes an exploration of understanding and harmony.  Each interaction becomes a chance to recognize their emotions, their universe and the forces that shape their behavior. Realize that your dog's behaviors are a plea for help and not a sign of bad behavior or poor guardianship.

Our Relaxed Rover coaching program isn't just reactive or aggressive dog training. It's all about enrichment, engagement, and connection! Our clients typically have dogs who react to and/or bark at other dogs (or skateboarders, squirrels, people), who are afraid of noises or struggle with city living, or who pull on leash and appear uninterested in their handlers.

If you would like us to train your dog for you,

please visit our day training page.

dog in training at brewery

8+ weeks of coaching for $750 includes: 

  • One 60-minute virtual introductory session to go over positive reinforcement methods, mechanics, tools, and a couple of foundation behaviors to get you started

  • 7 additional weekly sessions, may be virtual or in-person

  • Actionable, personalized training plan, including steps to prepare for your next session

  • Learning about your dog's triggers and reinforcers

  • Ability to work outdoors or in/near places you would like to take your dog

  • Relief from frustration and worry

  • Between session support via:

    • Ability to upload one short video each week for feedback

    • One follow-up, 30-minute Zoom session to be scheduled within 30 days of completing program

    • Continued access to once-weekly email support for 30 days after completing program

Why do you offer virtual sessions?

Virtual sessions allow us creativity and flexibility. They are also highly effective! Your focus is much greater than when you have to compete with outdoor elements. We can also be more strategic in our planning.

People-reactive dogs typically don't benefit from another person in the room or environment right off the bat so meeting online is far less stressful for everyone. We can also record virtual sessions for you to review later. The benefits will be immediately evident.

The ratio of in-person to online sessions will depend on your unique circumstances. All journeys begin with one step no matter where we are. Reactive dog training starts with as few distractions as possible, in an area in which your dog already feels safe. This is usually in your home.

After completing Relaxed Rover you will:

  • Better engage with your dog

  • Have the necessary tools to maintain what you've learned

  • Learn how to meet your dog's needs

  • Use patterns and games to train your dog

  • Understand what reactivity/fear/stress are and why they happen

  • Learn to work with your dog at a comfortable distance from triggers

  • Enjoy happier, more relaxed outings with your confident dog!

We are pleased to offer sliding scale options to those in need.

What do I need to get started? 

  • Initial consultation is a requirement for all new clients

  • Proof of vaccination status if you choose to meet in person

  • A clicker, treat bag, harness, minimum 6’ leash (preferably 8-10') with traffic handle and optional biothane long line (15-30 feet) 

  • Treats of varying reinforcement (pea sized) 

  • Ability to utilize the internet and a variety of computer programs and /or phone apps to record videos, get feedback, meet with trainer

  • Optional handsfree device (earbuds, in-ear headphones, Bluetooth headset) that will allow you to communicate with your coach during training sessions in the event they may be working with another dog in the distance

  • Dog should have good name recognition (and if not, we'll get you on your way in our very first session)

Please be advised that we are currently not qualified to handle severe aggression cases or instances where professionally diagnosed separation anxiety is your only concern. Most trainers are not, despite offers to “fix” your dog or claiming to be "best dog training in Chicago." If your dog is severely aggressive, poses a threat to itself, other humans or animals and/or has an attack history, we will be able to refer you to a highly qualified individual or business. Please reach out and let us help you determine your options.

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