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Rocket Rover

$125, 4 weekly sessions

Want to keep your dog safe while giving them more freedom? Want your dog to pay more attention to you? Ever chased your dog around the dog park when it was time to leave? Can't get your barking dog out of the window when the delivery truck pulls up? Worry about what might happen if your dog ever got loose? Fear no more! Recalls (aka calling your dog to you) are easier than you think!

Because our city dogs are required to be leashed just about everywhere we often take for granted the usefulness of a solid recall. Yet, it's the single most important skill you and your dog need. Recalls save lives! Plus, they're just plain fun!

Our curriculum is designed to launch your dog's recall skills to new heights. We start with the basics and build a strong foundation in communication and trust. As we progress, your dog becomes more adept, responding with precision and enthusiasm.

We were inspired to create this class after our own dog slipped her leash one quiet morning while she was accosted by two off-leash dogs whose handler was unable to call her dogs back to her.

In this 4-week virtual class, you will:

  • Meet for one hour each week via Zoom

  • Learn about what motivates and what distracts your dog

  • Have the unique opportunity to work in a low-distraction environment (aka your home)

  • Teach your dog that good things happen when they come to you

  • Feel empowered by rewarding your dog rather than punishing them

  • Feel secure and more in control on walks and in appropriate off-leash areas

  • Be able to get feedback and ask or answer questions via group chat

  • Practice, practice, practice! (in very short sessions, not hours a week)

  • Enjoy an optional field trip for final session

dog running away dragging leash

The next round of classes is scheduled to begin Thursday, December 7 at 7:00 PM. 6 spaces available!

Why is this course virtual?


We've designed this class with your schedule in mind. Work. Family. Home. They keep us pretty busy. Online courses allow us to focus on specific topics, reduce travel and preparation time, keep our schedule rain or shine, and allow you to attend from anywhere! Shy or reactive dogs won't miss out and the whole family can even sit in! We keep our class sizes small so you get the feel of a private session without the private session price.

We are pleased to offer sliding scale options to those in need and have one slot available for this class. Please contact us directly to inquire.

What do I need to get started? 

  • A clicker, treat bag, harness, and long line (15-20 feet, biothane) 

  • Treats (pea-sized, and of varying reinforcement)

  • Dog should have good name recognition (and if not, we'll get you on your way in our very first session)

  • Virtual clients must have access to a well-lit quiet space with room to move around and the ability to use a laptop or computer with a camera during sessions as we will be meeting via Zoom. Smartphone cameras are not advisable as it will be difficult to view your coach's visual instructions in real-time.

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