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RADICAL ROVER is a strong proponent of economic justice. We believe services should be made available to anyone who needs them. With that in mind, we are happy to set aside a limited number of spots each quarter for in-person or virtual coaching sessions and/or programs and offer them on a sliding scale.  


What is a sliding scale and where would I fit in?  

The best definition and example we’ve seen regarding sliding scales and who qualifies is provided by Worts + Cunning Apothecary. We were also inspired by our colleagues at The Dog Behavior Institute who do wonderful work while also offering services on a sliding scale. Language below has been borrowed from both websites. 

TL,DR: the prices you see listed for our services represent their actual value. Private dog training is expensive, more so in large urban areas. If you own property, have no problem satisfying basic needs; have disposable income, access to savings, and the ability to travel without financial burden, then you are expected to pay for services at the top of the sliding scale, which is at 100%.

You may also have access to credit or family and others willing to assist you financially and should consider those options first. In this scenario, paying for our services might require some financial sacrifice but will not be a hardship.


If, say, you have a steady income yet still experience job insecurity, need to make car payments or carry other debt month to month, and have little savings while living paycheck to paycheck, you may qualify for services further down a sliding scale.


The lowest end of the sliding scale is reserved for those who may be unemployed or underemployed and struggle to meet their most basic needs; they may have limited access to health and childcare; experience housing instability; have little or no disposable income or savings, no access to credit; or may have substantial debt or live on government assistance. Even paying for group training classes at a local pet store would result in hardship.


Interesting, so how does that work here?  

We will not ask you for proof of income or employment. The sliding scale is not a discount or “pay what you like.” It works on the honor system. If you can pay full price for our services, you should do so. This allows us to keep space open for those who might not otherwise be able to afford access to our services. By paying full price you are helping another dog and their guardian. Plus, if everyone pays what they can afford, we can keep offering dog training services to those living with financial insecurities. You could help save a dog that otherwise might be surrendered or returned to a shelter. We ask that if you do qualify for a spot, you determine which option is best for you based strictly on your financial situation. 


Option A = pay 65% of listed prices; consult reduced to $50

Option B = pay 25% of listed prices; consult reduced to $25

VIRTUAL (these services are already offered at a slight discount):

Pay 50% of listed package price; $25 consult required only for behavior modifcation issues


If you’ve read the above guidelines and aren’t sure if you might qualify or where you are on the scale, please reach out here and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We want our services to help as many dogs and their people as possible so we're dedicated to working on solutions and strive to meet you where you are. If you don't quite meet our requirements, a payment plan may be an option.

Sliding scale spots are limited; if you request one and we are fully booked, you may reserve a spot for a later date. All are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, if you qualify for sliding scale pricing yet live outside our service area, please reach out and ask about how we can design a virtual program that meets your needs and budget!


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