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aka Relax, we got this!

Let us train your dog for you!

We get it.

You love your dog.

And you might also be

  • overwhelmed with the adorable puppy or rescue you just brought home

  • wishing, after a long day of work or after-school and weekend activities, that you could just come home and relax with your dog

  • feeling exhausted with the idea of trying to find the time to get to dog training classes and keep up with the homework

  • frustrated when your dog displays undesirable behaviors on walks and don't have the time to DIY a behavior modifcation program


Let us do the heavy lifting! Over multiple weekly sessions, day training is a highly personalized, flexible program that allows a professional trainer to train your dog, in your home. Your dog receives our full focus so we can move through a training plan quickly. While we will make recommendations, we will also make your goals a priority. Tell us what you'd like to see, and we'll work to make it happen! We can help a dog with big feelings, a dog who may be living with chronic fear or stress, or a dog who pulls too much on leash. We can design a foundation behaviors plan, a puppy plan, a vet visit/cooperative care plan, or a plan that addresses a few specific dog behaviors you wish weren't happening. It's up to you!

We will train your dog in your home (or outdoors depending on your goals) and then transfer those skills to you in separate sessions. You do not need to be home for the solo sessions. You may observe, go run an errand or even be at work. Potty breaks are included if you need them! We’ll share progress videos or notes with you along the way.

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An Initial Consult is required for all new clients.


Perfect for:

  • Dogs who react to stressors from a far distance and have trouble recovering

  • Puppy or new adoptee guardians who want to build a solid foundation and don’t have the time to DIY or attend obedience or manners classes

  • Dogs with big feelings who are experiencing stress or fear inside the home or even on short walks



Perfect for:

  • Dogs who react to stressors from a moderate distance (down the block or across the street)

  • Guardians whose dogs have basic manners training and want to move to the next level with advanced behaviors like recall or tricks

  • Dogs with noise sensitivities

  • Dogs who struggle with vet or groomer visits, car rides, cats, confinement, etc.

  • Loose leash walking



Perfect for:

  • Dogs who react to stressors at short distances while still maintaining focus on handler

  • Dogs who need a refresher

  • Muzzle or harness training

  • Teaching cooperative care basics

  • Changing minor behaviors such as countersurfing, jumping on guests, barking at or charging the door, stealing objects, etc.


Day Training includes:

  • 3 weekly solo sessions where we train your dog for 45-50 minutes

  • 1 weekly skills transfer session* at the end of each week where we pass the new training skills on to you  

  • A unique, personalized training and enrichment plan based on your goals 

  • Session notes and videos uploaded to your personal Google Drive folder if you choose

  • Flexible scheduling 

  • One follow-up, 30-minute Zoom session to be scheduled within 30 days of completing package

  • Continued access to weekly email support for one month after end of package 

  • Relief from having to worry about when you'll fit training into your busy schedule 

  • Positive transformations 

  • Faster results 

  • Field trips depending on your goals

  • New clients get an additional

    • 30-minute in-person "meet & greet"

    • Virtual introduction to positive reinforcement training

*Transfer sessions are mandatory so you can continue reinforcing your dog's newly acquired behaviors.

View our Day Training service area here. Depending on availability we may be able to serve those outside our day training service area for an extra weekly fee. Please contact us to inquire.

Please be advised that if your dog has big feelings on walks, and barks and/or lunges at other dogs or people, training will begin inside your home, free of distractions. The training plan will not move outdoors until your dog is ready.

What do I need to get started?


  • Initial consultation is required for all new clients

  • Proof of vaccination/titer status

  • Some tools, such as clickers, will be provided by us, and others will be determined during the initial consultation

  • For transfer sessions, you should have a treat bag, high-value treats, and a leash and harness ready.

Please be advised that we are currently not qualified to handle severe aggression cases or instances where professionally diagnosed separation anxiety is your only concern. Most trainers are not, despite offers to “fix” your dog or claiming to be "best dog training in Chicago." If your dog is severely aggressive, poses a threat to itself, other humans or animals and/or has an attack history, we will be able to refer you to a highly qualified individual or business. Please reach out and let us help you determine your options.

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