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               YOUR NEW PUPPY ARRIVAL!

                   YOUR UPCOMING DOG ADOPTION!



  • Training recommendations

  • Setting goals and priorities

  • Pre- and post-adoption counseling

  • Preparation for arrival of new dog or puppy

  • Guidance and solutions for behavior issues

  • Guardians curious about clicker and positive reinforcement training

  • Guardians with a specific issue who unsure about committing to private dog or puppy training sessions

  • All new Radical Rover private training and coaching clients



During an online session, we'll meet to discuss your goals and seek answers to your questions. If you already have a dog, you'll fill us in on your dog's history and behaviors. If you don't, we'll talk about what to expect and how to set yourself up for success! By the end of the session, you should have a better idea of how your dog learns and how you can help them succeed. You’ll also get some easy management solutions for immediate relief.

After, you'll get a follow-up resource guide specific to your situation. There is no obligation to proceed, and some people discover a consultation to be sufficient for their needs.

All new private clients require this first step so we can best determine which services match your needs. This also means we can head straight into training for your first scheduled session!

Contact us to book additional services within 48 hours of consult and receive a $25 discount. Scheduling will be a priority for those who indicate they intend to purchase additional services during the consultation. 

dog, computer, hyde park dog training trainer

Please be advised that we are currently not qualified to handle severe aggression cases or instances where professionally diagnosed separation anxiety is your only concern. Most trainers are not, despite offers to “fix” your dog. If your dog is severely aggressive or poses a threat to itself, other humans or animals and/or has an attack history, we will be able to refer you to a highly qualified individual or business. Or feel free to search on your own for a certified and qualified behaviorist here and here. If you would still like to discuss your dog and have us help you determine your options, please feel free to book a consult.

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