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Using Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

                            Let's train your dog together!


Your goals and journey are important to us. Private dog training sessions allow you to reach those goals and address your needs quicker than group classes. We will focus on the things you want your dog to do and get started reinforcing those great behaviors right away! Depending on your comfort level, coaching can be conducted in person or online. You are directly involved in your dog's success.


Our private coaching is for anyone at any skill level. Whether you're a first-time dog or new puppy guardian, have attended a beginner class and want to work at your own pace without the demands of weekly classes and homework, or have a dog that struggles at the vet or groomer, we can get you on your way with solid foundation behaviors and quick successes. We offer flexible scheduling and relief for many behavior or manners issues*.

You have control over your training program. Packages are good for 6 months so you decide how often we'll meet. We will also take into consideration that not everyone has the same goals or learning style and will craft your package according to your needs.

  • 45-60-minute sessions; can be virtual or in-person 

  • First session for all new clients includes an introduction to positive reinforcement methods, mechanics, and tools and will introduce a couple of foundation behaviors or management techniques to get you started on your goals and bring you quick relief!

  • Flexible scheduling 

  • Actionable, personalized training plan   

  • Field trips depending on your goals

  • Weekly email check-in and between-session support

  • Ability to send or upload video for quick feedback 

  • Continued access to once-a-week email support for one month after end of package 

  • Giving you the tools you need to live a happy life with your dog

  • Increased confidence 

  • Faster results 



5 SESSIONS for 400

10 SESSIONS for 750

15 SESSIONS for 1050

*What are the behavior or manners issues we can help you with?  Chewing; housesoiling; loose leash walking; barking at door, at visitors, at garbage truck, etc; jumping; sound sensitivities; ignoring handler; interspecies conflict; stealing objects; resource guarding; handling, grooming or confinement issues. These behaviors typically occur in the home and are less complicated than the issues addressed in our Relaxed Rover program.

Initial Consultation is required for all new clients.

Existing and former clients, please contact us directly for additional package pricing options.


$85  per hour in-person

Want to fine-tune your dog training? Work towards a trick title or specific goal? Need reassurance that your management plan is working? For those who have worked with us in the past or already have intermediate or more advanced training skills, we do offer an hourly, pay-as-you-go rate. Hourly coaching does not provide the same level of feedback in between sessions as our packages and programs. You must contact us directly and have prior approval in order to book hourly coaching

We are pleased to offer sliding scale options to those in need.

How do I choose between virtual and in-person?

We'll be sure to discuss these two options in your initial consultation.

The upside of in-person training is

  • Your dog has a chance to socialize

  • We can easily switch locations if we choose to do outdoor work or move to another room in the house

  • Your dog can better learn to work around distractions

The upside of virtual training is

  • Fewer distractions for dogs who are concerned about their environments or anxious around new people

  • Scheduling is more flexible

  • Your handler skills sharpen while you're in the role of teacher and guide for your dog and not the trainer

  • Pajamas are optional and you don't have to clean the house before the trainer arrives :)

What do I need to get started? 
  • Initial consultation is required for all new clients

  • Proof of vaccination status if you choose to meet in-person

  • A clicker, treat bag, harness, 6’ leash and optional biothane long line (15-20 feet) 

  • Treats (pea-sized and of varying value

  • Other tools like toys, mats, dog beds, baby gates, will be determined during initial consultation 

  • Virtual clients must have access to a well-lit quiet space with room to move around and the ability to use a laptop or computer with a camera during sessions. Smartphone cameras are not advisable as it will be difficult to view your coach's visual instructions in real-time.

Please be advised that we are currently not qualified to handle severe aggression cases or instances where professionally diagnosed separation anxiety is your only concern. Most trainers are not, despite offers to “fix” your dog or claiming to be "best dog training in Chicago." If your dog is severely aggressive, poses a threat to itself, other humans or animals and/or has an attack history, we will be able to refer you to a highly qualified individual or business. Please reach out and let us help you determine your options.

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